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Summer Black Truffle of Norcia: with an intense aroma and more economical

Tartufo Umbro Estivo di NorciaThe Summer Black Truffle lives in symbiosis with the root systems of major trees – above all oaks, hazelnuts, black hornbeams, poplars, willows, limes, beeches and chestnuts. Its key feature is a strong aromatic scent that it generates only when the spores are perfectly ripe. In order to preserve its best organoleptic properties, the truffle must be extracted at exactly the right stage of ripeness.

The unripe truffle is heavier than the ripe truffle and has no aroma whatsoever. The truffle is harvested only using specifically trained dogs and in certain periods of the year, when the spores have completed the ripening process.

The Tuber Aestivum is a more durable truffle that keeps longer than other varieties. Its rough, warty skin is black. Its development is often associated with the trees with which it is in symbiosis, such as oaks (including the Turkey oak tree). Its size varies from that of a walnut – which is more common – to that of quite large examples, which can sometimes weigh as much as about 1 kg. The latter, however, are much rarer.

The summer black truffle has many culinary uses and has the merit of always being affordable, even when harvests are smaller. Because of this, together with its greater ease of conservation, this truffle is widely used to prepare extremely tasty and not unduly expensive dishes for a long period of the year.


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