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Excursion with Mules on Sibylline Mountains for families and children

Escursioni con i muli sui Monti SibilliniAt just a few km from Norcia, once again in the Sibylline Mountains National Park, there is a wonderful donkey farm. Donkeys are ideal companions for the excursions of little children.

The mule is a very docile animal that particularly likes contact with children, understands their natural weakness, and loves being cuddled and stroked.

The mule is comic and appealing, cheers up groups and changes the mood of those close to it, while aggregating and involving people. It does not judge or comment on people, follow the latest fashions or show off. It is humble and friendly but also independent and determined.

It is a slow and prudent animal that conveys a sense of calmness - but it is also stubborn and tenacious. To reassure parents of safety, it should be noted that donkeys do not like galloping or jumping but instead walk steadily without accelerating.

Daily outings are possible. The children ride the donkeys or load them with baggage. A telepathic “hot line” is soon established between the animal and its young rider, direct communication that only small children can create. If they want to, parents can accompany their great little riders while themselves enjoying a splendid trek on foot.



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