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Pantani di Accumoli: a spectacle of colour near Norcia, in Umbria

I Pantani di Accumoli - Monti Sibillini NorciaSky meets earth in the little glacial lakes hidden in a small valley a long way from everything and everyone. These are part of the Pantani di Accumoli plateau, a patch of emerald green in the summer that heightens even more the contrast with the blue of the sky and the white of a few passing clouds reflected in these mirrors of water.

The wild horses, together with their foals, move around freely. They are often curious and draw near but, immediately afterwards, return to their interests – unfortunately not you but Mother Nature. In the distance Chianina cattle graze. Looking at them from afar, they seem like large white flowers placed on the extremely green hills surrounding the little valley. Chianina cattle are touchy; they do not like people coming too close to them. They are jealous of their space.

In the distance you can see Mount Vettore and the route of the Sibylline Mountain chain that crosses Umbria and the Marches region is clearly evident. For those who like long walks, the Pantani walk can be a stage of a longer route. If you instead want to relax, you can get this far on a nice day, bringing a rug, sandwiches, and something to drink with you, and remain here to enjoy a spectacle restful both for the body and for the mind.



I Pantani di Accumoli - Monti Sibillini UmbriaIn the winter it is also a nice route to do with cross-country skis, remembering, however, that the snow may hide the little lakes located in the centre of the valley surrounded by a wooden safety fence. The path to follow is very visible and it is not necessary to be great walkers to reach Pantani di Accumoli. But you should reckon on taking about 35 minutes to get there and 35 minutes to return. You need comfortable shoes and, depending on the season, a jacket to cover yourself, as you will be at about 1,400 m (nearly 4,600 ft.) above sea level

From Norcia you get into your car and go uphill in the direction of Forca Canapina. When you get to the mountain pass, on your right you will see a white road that goes towards a small refuge hut (often closed), about 1 km away. Based on your means of transport, you should get as close as possible to the refuge hut and then park on the roadside, leaving room for other vehicles to pass. The adventure starts here – follow the road until you reach the “magic” place.



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