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The Old Railway from Norcia to Spoleto: an emotional journey in nature

La Vecchia Ferrovia da Norcia a SpoletoThe green fields at the foot of Norcia were reclaimed by the Benedictine monks in the 16th century to create the water meadows. The streams that flow between the various cultivated plots of land created the Sordo River.

This blaze of green once featured the passage of a small steam train linking Norcia to Spoleto. Today that noisy iron route has become a silent road, where quietness and nature offer new experiences.

You can go on foot or mountain bike just for a simple little trip immersed in the green meadows. Or you can go further, embarking on full-scale excursions and discovering Roman bridges, tunnels carved out by hand in the rocks, and fantastic views and panoramas.

A route that is surprising and changes radically in terms of panoramas and gradients on the way. This location is suitable for enthusiasts of trekking, Nordic walking and mountain biking. It is also perfect for those who enjoy jogging.

En route there is not only nature but also the possibility of discovering Umbrian country life. Farm workers can often be seen in the fields, as can small herds of Chianina cattle with their calves. Farther on, on the river, the stations rearing the famous Nera River trout can be seen.

The route extends for a maximum of 50 km (just over 31 miles). As it has been established on an old-fashioned railway it features just one lane. The luxuriant vegetation makes it pleasant to use also in the summer, when the sun is strongest


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