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Guerrin Meschino in the work by Andrea da Barberino

The chivalrous legend of Guerrin Meschino is closely linked to the enchantress Alcina, as can be understood from the story by Andrea da Barberino. The knight Guerrin, searching for his parents, wants to go to the grotto at all costs, certain that the enchantress can answer his questions.

On his journey he meets many chivalrous gentlemen who in vain try to dissuade him. One of them even tells him that, a few days before, three young boys went to the enchantress but only two returned. Despite this, Guerrin does not give up and continues his journey. When he reaches the grotto he is welcomed by three extremely beautiful girls who take him to the enchantress Alcina.

She listens to the reason for his visit and then starts her effort to corrupt him to make him sin and to steal his soul. The knight Guerrin resists all her temptations and, after a year has gone by, decides to make her reveal her origins. The enchantress answers him scornfully and disappears. With no mean difficulty, he manages to get back to the grotto’s exit and return to the real world.

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